Business Lawyer Orlando

Finding the right kind of lawyer is becoming more time consuming these days. General attorneys are not the right kind if you a running a company that is highly specialized. For instance, a company that is constantly creating new software or new intellectual property, hiring employees, buying real estate to build stores, or doing a merge. These types of companies will need a law firm with maybe a national representation that can provide a wide arrange of expertise such as Latham, Shuker, Eden & Beaudine LLP

Not only big but even small companies need a specialized attorney from time to time, or at least a lawyer with certain set of skills, that won’t be found in a general lawyer.

 Business Lawyer Orlando

Business Lawyer Orlando:

  1. Contract lawyer: When it comes time to create standard form contracts with clients, suppliers, and employees you need a lawyer that understands fully your type of business to be able to draft all these contracts in a way that will benefit you and your organization. Also, that lawyer needs to be able to read any contract that you might want to sign to be able to inform you and protect you as well as your company.
  2. Organization: Knowing the best type of legal structure to give to your company is crucial when it comes to pay taxes and be liable, that’s why should have a specialized corporate lawyer to get you incorporated and assist you in all this legal process. This way you could be at peace knowing that your company is functioning at its best and that the law will be on your favor.
  3. Real Estate: When it comes time to lease a commercial space for your office and stores, those types of contracts are drafted in a way that will benefit the landlord and not the tenant, in this case, you – your business. Just because these types of documents are “printed form” documents, doesn’t mean that they are written in stone, or are not negotiable. Your business lawyer should be able to read and inspect that agreement, and should be able to figure out what clause is not favorable and make an addendum that would benefit you, instead of the leasing company. In this case the contract should be printed adding the provision, or provisions will that profit you, or the other option is to have your lawyer adding a standard “tenant’s addendum” to the lease.
  4. Licenses & Taxes: You lawyer will be registering your business for local, state, and federal tax identification numbers, and he will be able to explain to you, the legal side of every business transaction that your company will be involved, and their consequences. All this information will be sent to your accountant and he will be filing your business tax return every year.
  5. Copyright: If your company is in the creative type of business field such as: media, design, art, software engineering, among others, you will need a copyright lawyer to protect your intellectual property and register them appropriately to the US Copyright office under the right category.

When hiring a lawyer you need to think twice and be prepare to hire a couple or a law firm that can give you all the legal expertise that your company needs. At Lathan, Shuker, Eden & Beaudine you can find a great team that will listen to your needs to be able to achieve your  goals for your company. Visit today: